2020-04-20 Joseph Nuthalapatipagination: Fix minor regression
2020-04-17 Joseph NuthalapatiBump version and update changelog 0.2.0
2020-04-17 Joseph NuthalapatiRefactoring to be more functional
2020-04-17 Joseph Nuthalapatipagination: "p" takes to the previous page of results
2020-04-17 Joseph Nuthalapatipagination: "n" takes to next page of results
2020-04-17 Joseph Nuthalapati"all" plays only visible results
2020-04-11 Joseph NuthalapatiBetter installation instructions
2020-04-04 Joseph NuthalapatiUpdate package management tasks and instructions
2020-04-04 Joseph NuthalapatiRemove debugging option committed by mistake
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiUpdate README before release 0.1.0
2020-03-27 Joseph Nuthalapatidownload and fullScreen are imcompatible options
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiSupport directPlay and directDownload for music
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd direct download for video
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd option to download video
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiAllow CLI player controls for music
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd option to download music
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiMake options a dictionary and add validation
2020-02-20 Joseph NuthalapatiWipe screen on each redisplay of search results
2020-02-20 Joseph NuthalapatiBe a nimble package
2020-02-19 Joseph NuthalapatiFix broken directPlay
2020-02-18 Joseph NuthalapatiBetter UX for playing all search results
2020-02-18 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd option to play "all" the search results
2020-02-18 Joseph NuthalapatiContinuously keep playing till I press "q"
2020-02-15 Joseph NuthalapatiTODO: Create ncurses-like CLI
2020-01-16 Joseph NuthalapatiTODO: Better CLI with curses
2020-01-12 Joseph NuthalapatiOptimize size of binary to 404 KB
2020-01-12 Joseph NuthalapatiMake extractTitlesAndUrls a func
2020-01-12 Joseph NuthalapatiMore elegant handling of playing URLs directly
2020-01-12 Joseph NuthalapatiFix .gitlab-ci.yml
2020-01-12 Joseph Nuthalapatici: Run unit tests in pipeline
2020-01-12 Joseph NuthalapatiModularity and Tests
2020-01-10 Joseph NuthalapatiIntroduce a func
2020-01-10 Joseph NuthalapatiTurns out both vlc and mpv have similar options!
2020-01-10 Joseph NuthalapatiBetter use of execProcess options
2020-01-10 Joseph NuthalapatiStore player config options in a hashtable
2020-01-10 Joseph NuthalapatiRename to Nim Coon
2020-01-10 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd a fullScreen option
2020-01-09 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd more ideas for naming
2019-12-26 Joseph NuthalapatiMoar TODOs!!!
2019-12-25 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd additional guard for directPlay
2019-12-25 Joseph NuthalapatiConsolidate playing into one function
2019-12-25 Joseph NuthalapatiGet rid of all global state mutation
2019-12-25 Joseph Nuthalapatiupdate
2019-12-25 Joseph NuthalapatiBecause org-mode has checkboxes too!
2019-12-24 Joseph NuthalapatiFix YouTube pattern
2019-12-23 Joseph NuthalapatiStream magnet links using peerflix
2019-12-23 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd dependencies list
2019-12-23 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd PeerTube support
2019-12-16 Joseph NuthalapatiPlan for some more features
2019-12-14 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd option to feel lucky!
2019-12-13 Joseph NuthalapatiUse less dangerous ways of joining strings
2019-12-13 Joseph NuthalapatiREADME: Fix markdown table
2019-12-13 Joseph NuthalapatiSwitch from vlc to cvlc
2019-12-13 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd option to play music only
2019-12-12 Joseph NuthalapatiWishlist: Stream music only
2019-12-04 Joseph NuthalapatiPreferences go into a config file
2019-12-04 Joseph Nuthalapatistrformat everywhere! 🥳
2019-12-03 Joseph NuthalapatiSwitch TODO to markdown
2019-12-03 Joseph NuthalapatiGet rid of temp HTML file
2019-12-01 Joseph NuthalapatiYouTube links can be played directly
2019-12-01 Joseph NuthalapatiDrop mplayer from list of supported players
2019-12-01 Joseph NuthalapatiImprove instructions in README
2019-12-01 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd a cute screenshot
2019-12-01 Joseph NuthalapatiUse stderr.writeLine to print error messages
2019-12-01 Joseph NuthalapatiUse std/[terminal] library for CLI colors
2019-11-28 Joseph NuthalapatiPlay selected video using media player
2019-11-28 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd limit option with default set to 10 results
2019-11-28 Joseph NuthalapatiFix .gitlab-ci.yml
2019-11-28 Joseph NuthalapatiDropping the underscore - we're clitube now!
2019-11-28 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd terminal colors!!!
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiThrow away the binary
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiUse the latest build from GitlabCI
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd .gitlab-ci.yml
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiImprove selection of media player
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiUse a user-defined type for search results
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiChange everything to camelCase
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd more items to feature list
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd LICENSE
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiCommit the binary to VCS for now
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiImplement video search
2019-10-04 Joseph NuthalapatiStart with adding a README