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2022-11-26 Joseph Nuthalapatigit: minor changes master
2022-11-26 Joseph Nuthalapatigit: Fix function git-pull-rebase
2022-10-19 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd a diagnostic to check if `task` alias works
2022-08-17 Joseph Nuthalapatigit: Fix switching back to current branch in `gup`
2022-07-11 Joseph NuthalapatiRemove babashka preloads
2022-07-11 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd aliases for nushell
2022-01-09 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd utility to run tasks in the current directory
2022-01-09 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd .lsp/ folder to .gitignore
2022-01-06 Joseph NuthalapatiList tasks in the README
2022-01-05 Joseph NuthalapatiShift from standalone scripts to babashka tasks
2022-01-05 Joseph Nuthalapatiebook-to-audio-book: Get the correct default voice
2021-11-29 Joseph Nuthalapatigit-pull-all: Fix failure on non-git directories
2021-04-30 Joseph NuthalapatiRemove .clj suffix for scripts
2021-04-30 Joseph Nuthalapatiunixify v2
2021-04-30 Joseph Nuthalapatiutils: Install deb from GitHub. Reduce scripts.
2021-03-31 Joseph Nuthalapatibabashka releases are now tarballs
2021-03-12 Joseph NuthalapatiUse apt instead of gdebi to install local deb file
2021-02-27 Joseph Nuthalapatilib: Use syntactic sugar
2021-02-26 Joseph Nuthalapatiutils: Add run-seq
2021-02-26 Joseph NuthalapatiAllow piping arguments into scripts
2021-02-14 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd utils and shell aliases
2021-02-13 Joseph NuthalapatiCreate and use namespace for lib.clj
2021-02-13 Joseph NuthalapatiIntegrate clj-kondo. Add .gitignore
2021-02-12 Joseph NuthalapatiUtility to install deb packages using gdebi
2021-02-12 Joseph NuthalapatiReplace babashka/curl with httpkit.client
2021-02-12 Joseph NuthalapatiFormat all Clojure files using zprint
2021-02-12 Joseph Nuthalapatiself-updater: Add missing when function
2021-02-12 Joseph NuthalapatiFix hardcoded babashka path
2021-02-12 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd babashka self-updater script
2021-02-11 Joseph NuthalapatiGet rid of subprocess call to unzip
2021-02-10 Joseph Nuthalapatiadd license
2021-02-09 Joseph Nuthalapatigit-pull-all & ebook-to-audio-book