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This wiki is a collection of my personal knowledge. Also see my blog and microblog.

Use the information on this wiki at your own risk. Information might be interspersed with opinions.


  • Books
    Book reviews and summaries
  • Emacs
    About my own usage of emacs
  • FreedomBox
    Things learnt while using FreedomBox
  • Free Software
    Some resources for free software
  • Ideas
    Some ideas about things that I want to see implemented in the world
  • IRC
    Arcane spells and incantations to maintain IRC channels
  • Linux
    Useful tricks for GNU/Linux based operating systems
  • LifeHacks
    My collection of life hacks
  • Learnings
    A log of all the things I've learnt over time for reference
  • Notes
    Unorganized notes
  • Privacy Stack
    List of privacy-preserving and/or user-freedom-respecting applications that I use on a daily basis
  • Quotes
    My quotes and my favorite quotes
  • SSB
    Secure ScuttleButt notes