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  • To enforce a particular directory as the root directory for Pytest, just drop an empty pytest.ini file into the directory that you want to be the root directory.
  • To ensure that a GoCD pipeline can only run based on timer and never on a material, mark the first stage of that pipeline as manual. Or mark it as manual in the template itself.
  • Idempotency is an essential feature of automation software like Ansible and FreedomBox. I wonder if there's a way to write a test suite that checks each action in the system for idempotency.
  • Download a youtube playlist using
    $ youtube-dl -t <url>
  • Android activities are destroyed and recreated on screen orientation change. To avoid this, set
    under the Activity tag inside the AndroidManifest.xml. This only works if the minimum target version is API 13 or more.
  • To add a location to bookmarks in Nautilus file manager (default in Gnome 3), navigate to the directory and press Ctrl+D
  • Use org + LaTeX Beamer to rapidly create presentations. A simpler tool is mdp (markdown presenter)
  • Lektor builds a website by taking all the files in the content/ folder, processing them according to the rules of your Models and rendering them by using templates.
  • Create a REPL inside a Clojure REPL
    (defmacro loop_ [& body] `(while true ~@body))
    (-> (read) (eval) (println) (loop_))


  • Setting permissions after copying the file will lead to momentary exposure of the private key to other users on the system. Use umask instead.