2019-08-16 Joseph NuthalapatiFirst setup of blog master
2019-08-14 Bjørn Erik... Add go.mod
2019-08-14 Bjørn Erik... Use .Site.RegularPages on home page
2019-04-27 z0liRemoved deprecated .Hugo and .RSSLink
2018-10-18 Sebastian EngelsAdd Quick Start Forestry Button to Readme.md
2018-08-29 Sorin Davidoifix(layouts/single): Use <time>
2018-08-29 Sorin Davidoifix(layouts/index): Use <time> and <article>
2018-08-29 Sorin Davidoifix(layouts/list): Add datetime attribute to <time>
2018-08-27 Sorin Davidoifix(partials/head): Allow zooming
2018-08-27 Sorin Davidoifix(partials/sidebar): Use more semantic elements
2018-08-27 Sorin Davidoifix(_default/baseof): Use main tag
2018-08-07 Matt SmithFix for mixed insecure content
2018-03-17 Bjørn Erik... Update head.html
2018-02-27 Kevin WiliartyFix #47: adds hook_head_end partial
2017-10-01 digitalcraftsmanImplement Content Summaries / Split on index page
2017-10-01 JinGen LimImplement Content Summaries / Split on index page
2017-09-07 digitalcraftsmanBump required Hugo version to v0.21
2017-09-07 digitalcraftsmanAdd CHANGELOG
2017-09-07 digitalcraftsmanFix url for Google fonts
2017-09-07 digitalcraftsmanAdd YAML example for Disqus in README
2017-09-07 digitalcraftsmanAdd Google Analytics support
2017-09-07 digitalcraftsmanSwitch to Hugo's built-in Disqus template
2017-09-07 digitalcraftsmanRemove custom Disqus template
2017-09-07 digitalcraftsmanTrim more whitespace in template logic
2017-09-07 digitalcraftsmanMake use of the base template
2017-09-01 digitalcraftsmanUpdate link to Hugo site
2017-09-01 Alexander IvanovUpdate link to Hugo site
2017-07-25 digitalcraftsmanUse .Site.BaseURL to generate sidebar "Home" link
2017-07-25 Vivek GhaisasFix indentation in layouts
2017-07-25 Mohammed El... Print CSS to fix printing problems
2017-07-25 Mohammed El... Add print css link
2017-07-25 Mohammed El... Add print css link
2017-07-25 Bjørn Erik... Fix disqusShortname conditional
2017-05-26 Vivek GhaisasUse .Site.BaseURL to generate sidebar "Home" link
2017-04-08 digitalcraftsmanBump required Hugo version to v0.19+
2017-03-25 Oliver SchneiderReplacing deprecated function call with now preferred...
2016-11-17 digitalcraftsmanRename RSSlink to RSSLink
2016-11-17 Bjørn Erik... Rename RSSlink to RSSLink
2016-08-19 Jason YeeAdd layout-reverse body class code to single and list...
2016-08-19 Jakub KucharskiDon't repeat title in <title> tag on the home page
2016-07-26 Pedro MeloAdd installation section
2016-03-08 Ján KoščoAdd configuration to Reverse layout
2016-01-02 Matthew BuckettUse language from configuration.
2015-09-22 digitalcraftsmanMerge pull request #26 from bigwhite/master
2015-09-22 Tony Baimake 404 page use Site.Params.themeColor
2015-08-13 Bjørn Erik... Merge pull request #23 from philgs/double-slash
2015-08-13 philgsRemove double-slashes in stylesheet URLs
2015-08-01 digitalcraftsmanFixes #22
2015-07-17 digitalcraftsmanUpdated theme.toml
2015-07-17 digitalcraftsmanRemoved non-working link from README
2015-07-17 digitalcraftsmanAdded Disqus support
2015-07-15 digitalcraftsmanUpdated README
2015-07-15 digitalcraftsmanMerge pull request #15 from digitalcraftsman/change...
2015-07-13 digitalcraftsmanMerge pull request #11 from marc-jones/patch-1
2015-07-13 digitalcraftsmanSet min_version to 0.14
2015-07-13 digitalcraftsmanMerge pull request #14 from digitalcraftsman/sidebar...
2015-07-13 digitalcraftsmanLinking the title in the sidebar to home
2015-07-13 digitalcraftsmanMerge pull request #16 from digitalcraftsman/404-page
2015-07-13 digitalcraftsmanAdded .BaseURL to link in 404 page
2015-07-13 digitalcraftsmanAdded a 404 page
2015-07-13 digitalcraftsmanMerge pull request #17 from kwo/master
2015-07-13 digitalcraftsmanMerge pull request #19 from digitalcraftsman/fix-url...
2015-07-13 digitalcraftsmanMerge pull request #18 from anthonyfok/add-hugo-generator
2015-06-25 digitalcraftsmanReplaced .Url with .URL in sidebar.html
2015-06-18 Anthony FokAdd {{ .Hugo.Generator }}
2015-06-10 Karl Ostendorfchange .BaseUrl to .BaseURL
2015-06-02 digitalcraftsmanAdded missing change in index.html
2015-06-02 digitalcraftsmanAdded an option change the theme globally in the configs
2015-05-18 Marc JonesCorrected link to favicon image
2015-05-01 Steve FranciaMerge pull request #10 from EitZei/master
2015-05-01 Steve FranciaMerge pull request #9 from giodamelio/master
2015-05-01 Steve FranciaMerge pull request #8 from philgs/patch-1
2015-04-08 Antti JärvinenConvert rem's to em's in breakpoints to fix layout...
2015-02-24 Gio d'AmelioFetch google fonts over https
2015-01-05 philgsLowercase variables for .Site.Params
2014-10-08 spf13removing old screenshot
2014-10-08 spf13bringing theme up to date for inclusion in the gallery
2014-09-08 Anthony FokUse `partial` call to include partial templates
2014-09-08 Glen BakerRemoved extra unused html tags from list template,...
2014-09-08 Alan PearceAdd missing div closing tag
2014-05-23 spf13adding images
2014-05-23 spf13renaming chrome to partials
2014-05-23 spf13adding archetypes to the existing themes
2014-05-14 Dato SimóHyde theme: sync with upstream to v2.0.0.
2014-04-26 spf13small tweak to hyde read me
2014-04-26 spf13Adding the hyde theme