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Public Hosting Sites

This is a list of code-hosting websites with public registrations enabled, suitable for hosting free software projects.
Note: FramaGit has geographical restrictions. Accessible from Europe.

Websites suitable for hosting Free Software
Name URL Managed by Management type Software
FramaGit Framasoft non-profit GitLab CE
Debian Salsa Debian community GitLab CE
Swecha Swecha/FSMI non-profit GitLab CE
CodeBerg Codeberg e.V. non-profit Gitea Drew DeVault individual sourcehut
non-GNU Savannah FSF non-profit Savane
GNU Puszcza FSF non-profit Savane FSCI community GitLab CE
Not A Bug Peers.Community community Gogs (fork)
tchncs tchncs community GitLab CE
GitGud Sapphire FOSS company GitLab ?E
Fedora Pagure RedHat Inc. FOSS company Pagure

Criteria for inclusion into this list:

  1. Not owned by GAFAM
  2. Not VC-funded
  3. Uses free software for hosting

Other Lists



The following free software self-hosting solutions provide apps to host Git repositories.


  1. Git SSB