Continuously keep playing till I press "q"
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2020-02-15 Joseph NuthalapatiTODO: Create ncurses-like CLI
2020-01-16 Joseph NuthalapatiTODO: Better CLI with curses
2020-01-12 Joseph NuthalapatiModularity and Tests
2020-01-10 Joseph NuthalapatiRename to Nim Coon
2020-01-09 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd more ideas for naming
2019-12-26 Joseph NuthalapatiMoar TODOs!!!
2019-12-25 Joseph Nuthalapatiupdate
2019-12-25 Joseph NuthalapatiBecause org-mode has checkboxes too!
2019-12-03 Joseph NuthalapatiSwitch TODO to markdown
2019-12-03 Joseph NuthalapatiGet rid of temp HTML file
2019-12-01 Joseph NuthalapatiYouTube links can be played directly
2019-12-01 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd a cute screenshot
2019-11-28 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd limit option with default set to 10 results
2019-11-28 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd terminal colors!!!