README: Add info about logo and alternatives
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2020-12-26 Joseph NuthalapatiREADME: Add info about logo and alternatives
2020-09-07 Joseph NuthalapatiAllow searching from Emacs
2020-06-20 Joseph NuthalapatiREADME: Add section on Motivation
2020-06-17 Joseph NuthalapatiREADME: Add comprehensive feature list
2020-06-16 Joseph NuthalapatiUpdate README with a progress report on features
2020-06-16 Joseph NuthalapatiUse aria2c download manager if available
2020-06-04 Joseph NuthalapatiPeerTube: Pick magnet link of the best resolution
2020-06-04 Joseph NuthalapatiAllow http urls to .torrent files to be streamed
2020-06-02 Joseph NuthalapatiStart replacing PeerFlix with WebTorrent
2020-06-01 Joseph NuthalapatiDetect and play playlists (MPV only)
2020-05-16 Joseph NuthalapatiREADME: add section on Privacy
2020-04-11 Joseph NuthalapatiBetter installation instructions
2020-04-04 Joseph NuthalapatiUpdate package management tasks and instructions
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiUpdate README before release 0.1.0
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd option to download video
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd option to download music
2020-01-10 Joseph NuthalapatiStore player config options in a hashtable
2020-01-10 Joseph NuthalapatiRename to Nim Coon
2019-12-23 Joseph NuthalapatiStream magnet links using peerflix
2019-12-23 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd dependencies list
2019-12-23 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd PeerTube support
2019-12-16 Joseph NuthalapatiPlan for some more features
2019-12-14 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd option to feel lucky!
2019-12-13 Joseph NuthalapatiREADME: Fix markdown table
2019-12-13 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd option to play music only
2019-12-12 Joseph NuthalapatiWishlist: Stream music only
2019-12-01 Joseph NuthalapatiImprove instructions in README
2019-12-01 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd a cute screenshot
2019-11-28 Joseph NuthalapatiDropping the underscore - we're clitube now!
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiUse the latest build from GitlabCI
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd more items to feature list
2019-10-05 Joseph NuthalapatiImplement video search
2019-10-04 Joseph NuthalapatiStart with adding a README