Add option to download video
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d2ebe4d2 1* Task list [7/11]
2- [X] Pretty colors in terminal
3- [X] Get rid of temp file or make one temp file per user
4- [X] Preferences should go into a config file
5- [X] Create a proper CLI
02114658 6- [X] PeerTube support (only direct download, because webtorrent seeds are too slow)
3c20e75c 7- [X] Find a better name. clitube is an SEO disaster
d2ebe4d2 8- [X] Option to download audio/video
2f0b8428 9- [ ] Spawn video player and quit immediately
d65a1dcf 10- [ ] SoundCloud support? Search and play music
91e4d88b 11- [ ] LRU cache of content so that frequently-played content doesn't use BW
906bd0c7 12- [ ] Better CLI using curses - select with arrows and press enter
13 - illwill library can be used
14 - see nim-mod project as an example