Parable of the Chainsaw

Disclaimer: Every pun is intended, unapologetically.

One fine Spring morning, a Java programmer was outdoors sawing a log in half with his good old t’rusty' hacksaw.

A Scala programmer passing by feels sorry for the Java programmer working so hard and gives him a chainsaw. Before leaving, he explains all the benefits of this new kind of saw while reassuring that it’s not very different from the hacksaw that he’s used to.

The Java programmer tries hacking away with the new chainsaw. He pushes the saw forwards and backwards on the wood. He soon realizes that he’s spending more energy with the heavy chainsaw. He goes back to using his hacksaw and declares that chainsaws are “inefficient”.

Meanwhile, a Clojure programmer lying on a hammock watches this whole episode, shakes her head and lets out a sigh. She stares into the distance where her robots are making robots with chainsaw arms that are chopping up logs and passing each transformation of the wood through other functions.

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