Privacy Stack

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This is a list of privacy-preserving and/or user-freedom-respecting applications that I use on a daily basis.
You can find more alternatives to centralized services at

All the mobile applications listed below are available from the F-Droid store.

Category Applications
2-factor auth KeePassXC
Desktop environment Gnome
Email Mailpile
IRC Quassel
Operating System Debian GNU/Linux
Password Manager KeePassXC
Messaging apps aggregator Rambox
Notes and ToDo lists Joplin
Text Editor/IDE Spacemacs
YouTube Music mps-youtube
YouTube Video FreeTubeApp, mpv, smplayer
Web Browsers Mozilla Firefox, Chromium and Tor Browser
Category Applications
2-factor auth FreeOTP+
Ad Blocker Blokada
Anonymity Orbot (in VPN mode)
App Store F-Droid
Audio conferencing Plumble
Contacts and AddressBook sync DAVDroid
Exercise Feeel
File Synchronization Syncthing
Habit forming Habits
Keyboard AnySoftKeyboard with Colemak layout
Messaging Riot
Maps OsmAnd~
Online Radio RadioDroid
Operating System LineageOS
Password Manager KeePassDroid
Podcasts AntennaPod
Proprietary app store Yalp Store
Reminders Tasks
RSS Tiny Tiny RSS
Social Media Tusky and Dandelion
Web Browsers Firefox Klar and Fennec F-Droid
YouTube Music and SoundCloud NewPipe Beta
YouTube Video SkyTube
Category Applications
Blog Ikiwiki
Libre Music FunkWhale
Notes this MediaWiki instance
Personal Kanban Kanboard
Read-it-later Wallabag
RSS Tiny Tiny RSS
Search engines Searx and DuckDuckGo
Social Networks Mastodon and diaspora*