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  1. Burn the FreedomBox image to a microSD card from an Android phone to help users with a smartphone as their only computer install FreedomBox. There's an app called EtchDroid to do this.
    1. On Moto G3 Turbo, EtchDroid kept crashing when I tried to write a compressed FreedomBox testing RPi2 image to a microSD card connected through a microUSB adapter. Termux has a xz-utils package which provides the unxz command. Facing disk space issues currently.
  2. Run FreedomBox on an old Android phone
    • Debian can be run on Android using Try installing the package freedombox on top of Debian
      • Installed userland on a Nexus 6, installed Debian on it, upgraded to testing and installed the freedombox package.
      • Both systemd and sudo do not work in a proot environment. Have to find out how to get them working.
    • Try to run GNU/Linux on an Android phone and install the freedombox package on it.
      • Tried installing Ubports on a Nexus 6, but it's not a supported device. Have to try on a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7.
  3. Configure swap partitions on the internal eMMC storage of ARM devices to increase the amount of available memory.