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  1. Burn the FreedomBox image to a microSD card from an Android phone to help users with a smartphone as their only computer install FreedomBox. There's an app called EtchDroid to do this.
    1. On Moto G3 Turbo, EtchDroid kept crashing when I tried to write a compressed FreedomBox testing RPi2 image to a microSD card connected through a microUSB adapter. Termux has a xz-utils package which provides the unxz command. Facing disk space issues currently.
  2. Run FreedomBox on an old Android phone
    • Debian can be run on Android using Try installing the package freedombox on top of Debian
    • Try to run GNU/Linux on an Android phone and install the freedombox package on it.
  3. Configure swap partitions on the internal eMMC storage of ARM devices to increase the amount of available memory.