Rebrand NimCoon to Nimcoon
[nimcoon.git] / src /
2021-03-31 Joseph NuthalapatiRebrand NimCoon to Nimcoon master
2021-03-31 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd fake user-agent
2021-03-14 Joseph Nuthalapatiyoutube: Use a different Invidious instance
2021-01-02 Joseph NuthalapatiDisplay title when feeling lucky
2021-01-02 Joseph NuthalapatiUse youtube-dl's ytsearch to feel lucky
2020-12-26 Joseph NuthalapatiYouTube auto-play
2020-12-26 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd interactive arguments to override global ones
2020-12-25 Joseph NuthalapatiFix all recent bugs. Shift to Invidious API.
2020-09-07 Joseph NuthalapatiMinor bug fix 0.6.1
2020-09-07 Joseph NuthalapatiAllow searching from Emacs
2020-08-05 Joseph NuthalapatiFix failing test
2020-08-05 Joseph NuthalapatiRemove dependency on Invidious
2020-08-03 Joseph NuthalapatiMove to new invidious instance
2020-07-17 Joseph NuthalapatiFix crash when search has <10 results
2020-07-02 Joseph NuthalapatiUse to retrieve search results
2020-06-26 Joseph NuthalapatiSupport http in addition to https
2020-06-16 Joseph NuthalapatiUse aria2c download manager if available
2020-06-16 Joseph NuthalapatiVLC is better than CVLC
2020-06-16 Joseph NuthalapatiMinor formatting changes
2020-06-05 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd config option to rewrite URLs
2020-06-05 Joseph NuthalapatiDelete unnecessary return statements
2020-06-04 Joseph NuthalapatiPeerTube: Pick magnet link of the best resolution
2020-06-04 Joseph NuthalapatiMake all sequences immutable
2020-06-04 Joseph NuthalapatiAllow http urls to .torrent files to be streamed
2020-06-02 Joseph NuthalapatiStart replacing PeerFlix with WebTorrent
2020-06-02 Joseph NuthalapatiReimplement streaming of playlists
2020-06-01 Joseph NuthalapatiDetect and play playlists (MPV only)
2020-05-14 Joseph NuthalapatiFix bug with paginated result selection
2020-04-20 Joseph Nuthalapatipagination: Fix minor regression
2020-04-17 Joseph NuthalapatiRefactoring to be more functional
2020-04-17 Joseph Nuthalapatipagination: "p" takes to the previous page of results
2020-04-17 Joseph Nuthalapatipagination: "n" takes to next page of results
2020-04-17 Joseph Nuthalapati"all" plays only visible results
2020-04-04 Joseph NuthalapatiRemove debugging option committed by mistake
2020-03-27 Joseph Nuthalapatidownload and fullScreen are imcompatible options
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiSupport directPlay and directDownload for music
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd direct download for video
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd option to download video
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiAllow CLI player controls for music
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiAdd option to download music
2020-03-27 Joseph NuthalapatiMake options a dictionary and add validation
2020-02-20 Joseph NuthalapatiWipe screen on each redisplay of search results
2020-02-20 Joseph NuthalapatiBe a nimble package